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Crane Horse Farm, LLC

Intuitive Horseman, Kevin Crane demonstrates, with his horse and obstacles, the human to horse relationship - showing how to help build your connection to the horse, reinforce confidence, gauge and increase respect, and enhance companionship. As described by Kevin, “The value of versatility can also be seen as the versatility of using your horse for more than one purpose. In working with people and their horses, I help increase awareness through observation, encourage clear and consistent communication, and engage the horse through the subtleties of movement. This in turn allows one to expand the options for ways to apply various techniques they have learned - no matter the style of riding.”

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Kevin works with a wide assortment of disciplines including dressage, open hunter jumpers, English and Western pleasure, gaited, team penning, barrel racing and driving horses. He is known for his calm, kind and gentle nature and for providing his open and honest feedback. With a wealth of experience to draw from, horses and owners of all ages can find common ground through his teaching.


Kevin is an expert in his field that encompasses starting horses, refresher courses, and he is proudly known for giving horses that have been labeled “problem horses with no hope” a second chance on life through his intuitive horsemanship. His mentors include Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and Tom Dorrance, considered among the founders of modern natural horsemanship.

Kevin Crane WABI TV Preview

Kevin Crane WABI TV Preview

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